Landegode waverider

The Landegode waverider is moored in Vestfjorden (a marinogram for the waverider position can be found on It is a Datawell MkIII directional waverider which is configured to report wave information every hour. The waverider is part of a collaborative effort between the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and the Institute of Marine Research.

The latest observations from the waverider as well as the latest wave model forecast are shown below. The first plot shows the observed significant wave height (Hs) and mean wave period (Tz). The second plot shows the one-dimensional variance spectrum and mean direction per frequency component based on the latest observations. In addition, the second figure contains the latest observation of sea surface temperature (SST).

NOTE TO USERS: The waverider is being recovered for maintenance. Data will be distributed again once it is re-deployed and in the meantime we refer to the forecast on