Supporting projects


The Research and development Department at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute is relying on external funding. Many of the products presented on these pages are thus a result of the combined efforts of internal funding paired with external funding from EU, Eumetsat and the Norwegian Space Centre. As a consequence, the Nowcasting project has been coordinated with external projects during its lifetime.

EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice

EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice SAF is funded by EUMETSAT and METNO is responsible for the High Latitude Processing Centre. The products cover sea ice, sea surface temperature and surface radiative fluxes. More information is available at


NORMAP is a national Infrastructure project funded by the Research Council of Norway. It focus on simple access and utilisation of remote sensing products.


CryoClim was funded by Norwegian Space Centre and ESA. It is a cooperation between the Norwegian Computing Centre, NVE, NPI and METNO.


CryoRisk was funded by the Norwegian Space centre and focused on operational snow products from remote sensing data. It was a cooperation between NVE and METNO.


EuroClim was funded by EU and METNO was involved in monitoring of snow cover.