This website is dedicated to provide data to the program NORKLIMA (formerly KlimaEffekter), under The Research Council of Norway.

As set forth in the NoSerC Project description 2003-2004:

Provide data for effect studies

Objective: To make data produced by the national climate projects easily available for studies on impacts of climate change.

According to the specific objectives of the KlimaProg action plan for 2003-2006, national climate projects are encouraged to produce results that are applicable for research on effects of climate change. Such results may be produced as large data sets describing the climate change under various preconditions. NoSerC will provide the storage, search, retrieval, adoption and some presentation facilities for these data.

The MetaMod application could be modified to serve as a Web interface for the data. Such solutions should be developed in close co-operation with the data providers (the national climate projects), and the users of such data (researchers on climate effects). The Web interfaces could, if desired, be incorporated into the Web portal belonging to the data providing projects.

The details this task will be discussed with the KlimaEffekter programme and the projects supported by this programme.


This web-site is still under construction, and only data from Empirical and Dynamical downscaling is currently available. Thus, the links "Observations" and "Analyses" in the menu are not yet activated.

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