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This is the documentation of tools for conversion between the different fileformats used in climate research and meteorology.
The fileformats supported are :
  • Felt (DNMI-internal)
  • GRIB
  • netCDF
In the current implementation of format conversion only these formats have been considered. The following conversions are possible with the current set of conversion tools:
Felt  <-> GRIB
GRIB   -> netCDF
netCDF -> Felt
This means that to go from Felt to netCDF one has to first convert to GRIB and then from GRIB to netCDF. This will in effect limit the number of file conversion programs, while potentially increasing the data loss in conversion.

Documentation of each tool

Documentation is prepared for each tool, either as links to the original supplier or by copies to be viewed here.

Note that tools are continually updated as are also the documentation published here.

Future tools will include conversion to/from HDF.

Users are encouraged to give feedback to the developers. Use the mailadress at the bottom of this page.

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