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The ERA-interim dataset comprise a large amount of reanalysis data covering years 1989-2008, created by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

A comprehensive description of the ERA-interim dataset can be found at

Data available at NoSerC

A part of the ERA-interim dataset is now available on the national storage facility NorStore. Please send an E-mail to Egil Støren at if you want access to these data.
Surface or single level parameters in 0.5° x 0.5° resolution Parameters at 60 model levels in 1° x 1° resolution
Fields based on analysis:
10U       10 metre U wind component (m s**-1)
10V       10 metre V wind component (m s**-1)
2D        2 metre dewpoint temperature (K)
2T        2 metre temperature (K)
CI        Sea-ice cover (0 - 1)
MSL       Mean sea level pressure (Pa)
SKT       Skin temperature (K)
SP        Surface pressure (Pa)
STL1      Soil temperature level 1 (K)
STL2      Soil temperature level 2 (K)
STL3      Soil temperature level 3 (K)
STL4      Soil temperature level 4 (K)
SWVL1     Volumetric soil water layer 1 (m**3 m**-3)
SWVL2     Volumetric soil water layer 2 (m**3 m**-3)
SWVL3     Volumetric soil water layer 3 (m**3 m**-3)
SWVL4     Volumetric soil water layer 4 (m**3 m**-3)
TCC       Total cloud cover (0 - 1)

Accumulated fields based on forecast:
These fields are based on accumulated fields from forecast runs at 00 and 12 UTC. For each variable, four fields are computed for each day. These are identified by "Hour of reference time of data" (RT) = 0 or 12, and "Time range one" (T1) = 6 or 12. The (RT,T1) combinations (0,6) (0,12) (12,6) and (12,12) corresponds to six hour accumulated values from UTC 00, 06, 12 and 18 respectively. Originally, the (0,12) and (12,12) fields contained 12 hour accumulated values from reference time, but the corresponding (0,6) and (12,6) fields have been substracted in order to obtain an homogenous time series with six hour accumulated values.
SSRD      Surface solar radiation downwards (W m**-2 s)
TP        Total precipitation (m)

Other surface level variables based on forecast:
BLH       Boundary layer height (m)

Constant surface fields:
          Land-sea mask (0 - 1)
          Surface geopotential (m**2 s**-2)
Fields based on analysis:
D         Divergence (s**-1)
T         Temperature (K)
VO        Vorticity (relative) (s**-1)
Z         Geopotential (m**2 s**-2)


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