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NoSerC Data Archive

One of the main objectives of the NoSerC project is to provide a large archiving facility for climate modelling data. Until January 2004, a tape robot system directly connected to the SGI high performance computers in Trondheim was used for this purpose. During the autumn of 2003 this system was replaced by a separate computer with a large pool of RAID disks. These disks are available from the SGI computers as NFS mounted file systems (subdirectories of /noserc2). A tape robot system is also in operation, but only for backup purposes.

The /noserc2 file systems are available for climate researchers with user accounts on the high performance computers in Trondheim. New users must obtain a user account through NOTUR, and then apply for access rights to the file systems by sending a mail to

Transferring data to the file systems from external computers must be done by sftp or scp through the balder computer in Trondheim (which is one of the computers connected to the file systems by NFS). This also applies for transferring data in the opposite direction (from the archiving facility to an external computer).


A metadatabase, describing files stored on the file systems, is available at The web-interface is an interactive search facility for the metadatabase, open for all. The user may set up search criteria for variables, datasets, time period and/or vertical levels, and recieve a list of files corresponding to these criteria. Registered users will additionally have access to the absolute path names for these files on the HPC computers in Trondheim. Datasets include the NCEP/NCAR Global Reanalysis dataset, excerpts from the ERA40 dataset and some datasets for sea surface temperature (SST) from various sources.

Users of the HPC computers in Trondheim may get extended access rights to the metadatabase. Register by sending a mail to NoSerC (

NoSerC wants to register more datasets in the metadatabase. To do so, we need help from You. The metadatabase may include datasets with results from model runs and input files for model runs. Files should contain 2- or 3-dimensional geographic fields, preferably in one of the formats: Grib, FELT, NetCDF or HDF. All files/datasets that could be of interest to other than their owners should be registered in the metadatabase. There is a method to restrict the access to the files in the metadatabase. The owners of the files have control with who shall be given direct pathnames to the files. The viewing of metadata is however open for all.

Datasets available

The Service Centre will assist in storing and indexing datasets on the disk system for use in climate projects. The following datasets are available:

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